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Totally Palmed is joining webOSroundup and pre101!



It is with great pleasure that I announce the merging of epic proportions!

That’s right, folks. Just as I was getting comfortable with having my blog on WordPress, I’ve decided that having a whole bunch of scattered webOS websites is full of SUCK for readers.  Thusly, THREE sites dedicated to webOS will be joined together as!

David Baxter, creator of webOSroundup, is extremely talented in the ways of web design and has already made a name for himself from his stellar webOS app reviews.

Roy Sutton, creator of, is a dedicated member of the webOS community and an excellent writer of news and events related to Palm and what they mean to you.

Throw Totally Palmed into the mix, and you suddenly have one awesome trifecta. With our combined ideas and love for webOS, we’ve already come up with a TON of super cool stuff that we could never do when we were separate websites.  Seriously, I’m uber-excited about it. You should be too. That’s all I’m gonna say. 8)


Here we are

Who’s the big winner in all of this? 
YOU!  Now you only need to go to one place for app  reviews, hot webOS tips/tricks, and so much more.

Is this the end of Totally Palmed?!
Not by a long shot! Totally Palmed will continue doing its thang, and even has its own nook on the site. It’s our new home. 🙂



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An Amateur Palm Pre Commercial Emerges


I love Palm and I love my Palm Pre, but I’ve never minced words when it comes to Palm’s advertising: results have been way under par.  In my opinion, Palm squandered a golden opportunity when the Pre originally launched. With the loss of that opportunity, came the loss of precious momentum.  This, along with a few other grievous missteps, is why Palm finds itself in not-quite-but-almost-dire straits.  All you had to do, Palm? Was forget the Borg Queen, forget the Shaolin monks… and release a commercial like this, created by YouTube user IcerC (@IcerC on Twitter).

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DON’T RETURN IT! … 9 Simple Fixes for the Palm Pre

February 18, 2010 9 comments

In my readings of Palm Pre forums and Twitter posts I noticed several common issues kept popping up, leading many people to return their Pre’s as "defective."  This is a shame, because many Pre’s are returned when in fact they don’t need to be. With just a little bit of research you’ll find the majority of the Palm Pre’s "little gremlins" can be sorted out quite easily.

Plus, rest assured because Palm seems to have listened to its customers and is making improvements to the Pre’s hardware.

Read my list of several of these common problems and their fixes after the break…

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Tips and Tricks Every webOS User Should Know (BONUS!)

February 16, 2010 5 comments

Tips and tricks BONUS

Thought I was gonna end my Tips & Tricks without including homebrew, didn’t ya?  Actually, homebrew makes excellent “encore” material because, even though you might feel it’s not your cup of tea (heavens, why?!)… every webOS user should still be aware homebrewing exists.  Why?  Because homebrew simply has taken webOS to the next level, arguably more so than has been done on any other mobile platform.

What is homebrew? Essentially, homebrew is like “hacking” your phone. Before the word “hack” makes you run for the hills, don’t sweat it: homebrewing a Palm Pre is nothing like hacking a computer or jailbreaking an iPhone.  Why?

  • Homebrewing is easy, even for amateurs (trust me, I’m one of ‘em!).
  • Unlike Apple, Palm is not against homebrewing. We don’t even call it “jailbreaking” or “hacking.” We use words like “homebrewing,” “tweaking,” or “patching.” 🙂
  • It is virtually impossible to “brick” a webOS device.
    Does the picture above even make you the slightest bit curious? Then read on after the jump!

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    Tips & Tricks Every webOS User Should Know! (Part 5 of 5)

    February 15, 2010 5 comments

    Tips and tricks Part 5

    We’ve come to our final entry in our Tips & Tricks series but don’t despair, kids.  Because Totally Palmed has brought out the Big Guns and you will leave satisfied, I assure you.  Today, we are going to talk about the final two things every webOS user should know about: battery life and media sync!

    If you’re just joining us, you’ve got some serious catching up to do.  So march on over to Parts 1-4, and then come back to us.  We’ll be here waiting patiently.  The journey’s worth it! 🙂

    Okay… done? Welcome back.  Let’s do this!!!

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    Tips & Tricks Every webOS User Should Know! (Part 4 of 5)

    February 7, 2010 1 comment

    Tips and tricks Part 4
    We’re rolling right along in our "Tips & Tricks" series, and we’re about to serve up a trifecta:  three very important aspects of webOS … the calendar, browser, and camera!

    Just joining us?  Then do your homework first!  Check out Parts 1, 2, and 3. Then come back.  No worries, we’ll all be here waiting patiently for you. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

    As you can see, we’ve covered quite a bit. Let’s keep this ball rolling, shall we? Read on after the jump!

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    Tips & Tricks Every webOS User Should Know! (Part 3 of 5)

    February 7, 2010 4 comments

    Tips and tricks Part 3

    Welcome back to possibly the most important "Tips and Tricks" entry in our series: e-mail and messaging!
    If you’re just joining us … where the hell have you been?  Heh heh. No worries.  We’re just getting warmed up.  Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

    Today, we’ll cover possibly the most important tips and tricks for many people… e-mail and messaging.  Let’s get right to it.

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