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An Amateur Palm Pre Commercial Emerges


I love Palm and I love my Palm Pre, but I’ve never minced words when it comes to Palm’s advertising: results have been way under par.  In my opinion, Palm squandered a golden opportunity when the Pre originally launched. With the loss of that opportunity, came the loss of precious momentum.  This, along with a few other grievous missteps, is why Palm finds itself in not-quite-but-almost-dire straits.  All you had to do, Palm? Was forget the Borg Queen, forget the Shaolin monks… and release a commercial like this, created by YouTube user IcerC (@IcerC on Twitter).

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First Six Months of Palm’s App Catalog… How’s Palm Doing?

January 14, 2010 7 comments

The first 1000 webOS apps
It’s been six months since the birth of Palm’s resurgence, and here at Totally Palmed, the numbers are in.  We all know how important apps are in the smartphone race.  Despite being only six months old, Palm’s BETA App Catalog provided us with some very decent apps, top-notch Twitter clients,and fun games. Thanks to continued tabulations of Palm’s App Catalog counts by Palm Real Reviewer Craig Froehle (@CRA1G on Twitter) and yours truly, we have some real interesting data to show you. (After you’re done with our blast to the past, check out Mr. Froehle’s article from for a look at the future!) … Here’s the basic breakdown:

– After exactly six months (1/6/10), the U.S. app catalog reached 1023 apps
– About 2/3 of those are paid, and the other 1/3 are free
– After six months of being in public beta with only select webOS developers, Palm officially launched the App Catalog and formally opened it to all app developers.

So, the question begs… how are they doing?  We’ve got all of that, including a really interesting comparison to the Android Market’s numbers, after the break.

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"The Palm Pre is no iPhone Killer…" Blah, blah, blah.

December 12, 2009 7 comments

The moment Palm birthed the Pre into this world, it was immediately thrust into the shadow of a giant. Much like David facing Goliath, Palm’s Pre stood toe-to-toe with Apple’s colossal iPhone.  Although this analogy has been used time and again, people – including those who should know better! – expected the Pre to be a Goliath from the outset.

Well, it’s not.  Try a pre-pubescent David with zits, and you wouldn’t be far off.  Tired and seemingly hopeless biblical references aside, I think that Palm is in pretty good shape.

Allow me to explain my logic here… after the break!

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HOUSE DIVIDED! Palm Pre vs. HTC Hero!

October 15, 2009 8 comments

Those who follow me on Twitter know… I’m a Palm Pre fanboy.

My wife?  A bonafide iPhone fan.  Try as I might to explain to her why the iPhone is worth leaving, ultimately it was Benjamin Franklin who made the strongest case: thanks to Sprint’s low rates and their Any Mobile, Anytime feature, we were able to dump our landline for good and save over two grand over two years. Not chump change.

Casting aside my strong recommendation that she get a Palm Pre, my wife instead opted to get the HTC Hero.  The reason?  She actually wanted a virtual keyboard, because it would be the closest thing to her precious iPhone.  The Palm fanboy in me was disappointed, but the geek in me was overjoyed.  And hey, with Sprint’s 30 day return policy, if she didn’t like the Hero, she could switch to the Palm Pre, a phone she already knew well…  thanks to yours truly never shutting up about it!

So how did the HTC Hero fare against “The Pre-cious?” Read on to find out.

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TOTALLY PALMED INTERVIEW: Does Developing for the Palm Pre Really Suck?

September 30, 2009 3 comments

If you’ve been following any of the daily Palm Pre gossip, you may have caught wind of a brewing controversy surrounding a certain developer named Jamie Zawinksi (jwz).  Mr. Zawinksi has an accomplished history as a developer, and was one of the first on the homebrew scene developing a tip calculator and a Dali (morphing) clock for Palm Pre’s webOS.  (I personally used his tip calculator and liked it.)  But suddenly, things turned sour… he had become so upset for some reason that he announced on his blog that he would no longer develop for Palm’s webOS.   Wow! Where did all this come from?  You can read his blog here.

So I got curious. Are other developers having these same misgivings? I went right to the source and struck up an IM chat with a webOS developer, Jordan Gensler (kesne).  Mr. Gensler is the founder of Keen Studios, an upstart software development group.  After the break, see what he had to say about the whole situation…

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MY RANT: Five Reasons Why I Left the iPhone for the Palm Pre

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

If you’ve read any of my tweets on Twitter (where else would ya read tweets?!), you’ve probably heard a thing or two about how I owned an iPhone before I got my awesome Palm Pre, and how I think the Pre is "soooo much better for this, and soooo much better for that."

Well….. it is, for many things.

Now… the iPhone has plenty of redeeming qualities.  When I’m in my less "trash-talky" moods, I’ll answer the common "what to get… iPhone or Palm Pre?" tweet with something along the lines of:  "Depends on your needs… Media/games biggest priority? Then iPhone. Everything else, plus multitasking? Palm Pre. Easy."

I tweet this because it’s true: as a media and app platform, the iPhone remains second to none…  that, in addition to slick advertising and the mind-controlling chemicals that Steve Jobs puts in our water, has been a major reason for its success.  It’s simple, simple, simple to use: my MOTHER could use it…  well, almost.

After the break is a rant I wrote (courtesy of Twitlonger) to someone who asked me why I left the iPhone. It’s by no means complete or as detailed as I’d like it to be, but I don’t want to put you to sleep, either.  Enjoy. (Or “iHate…” whatever you prefer…)

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