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Which is the BEST Twitter App for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi?

January 8, 2010 2 comments


If you like using Twitter and have a Palm Pre or Pixi, you’re in luck:  there are currently SIX full-featured Twitter apps available for webOS.  They are all very different, and suit different needs.  These choices can be a bit overwhelming, but fear not!  Totally Palmed has got your back.  I own and have used all of these apps extensively, so I can pass my impressions on to you.  Hopefully it helps you make a decision, based on your needs.  These apps are listed in the order that I downloaded them. Have a look, after the break!

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My Favorite webOS Apps for 2009

January 6, 2010 11 comments

Well folks, it’s been six months since webOS launched, and we now have 1,000 total apps in the U.S. App Catalog!  But which are worth downloading?  I recently did a blog on the my favorite webOS games for 2009, but hey, we buy don’t just buy these phones to use as toys, right? They’re tools.

UPDATE! I should add that on 1/7/10, Palm launched some awesome 3D games for the App Catalog, which completely changed the landscape of webOS gaming! Check out those new awesome apps in the App Catalog now.

While the App Catalog has nowhere near the number of apps as other platforms just yet, there’s still quite a few jewels you should pick up.  You just have to know where to look, and that’s why Totally Palmed is here to help!  I’ve watched the catalog closely since I first got my Pre in June and have downloaded tons of apps.  After the break, fire up your Palm App Catalog and follow along with me as we go through which apps are, in my opinion, worth downloading.  No, I don’t get any kickbacks or free downloads for doing this! Hey, I’m just a nice guy, what can I say.

Much, much more after the break!

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My Favorite webOS GAMES for 2009

January 1, 2010 1 comment

So… you have a Palm Pre or a Pixi, and you’re ready to spend a little of your hard-earned cash on games to pass the time.  After all, Palm has finally lifted their app limit, right?  Let the shopping spree begin, right?   … But which games are actually worth your money?

As of this entry, there are 1000 apps in the Palm App Catalog.  Of those, 229 are games. While the App Catalog currently doesn’t offer famous games like Bejeweled just yet, there are still some "jewels" to be had in the gaming department.

Of course, nobody wants to get stuck with a crap game after paying for it, and Palm’s lack of a refund policy doesn’t help matters, either. That’s where Totally Palmed comes in! After the break, read my opinion on which games I think are worth their price. (Bear in mind I haven’t downloaded all webOS games… just a bunch more than my wife should know about.)   If you feel any other games deserve mention here, please share it with us it in the comments section below!

[UPDATE] Well, this is embarrassing!  At CES 1/7/10, Palm released awesome 3D games for the Palm Pre which totally changed the landscape of webOS gaming.  So I guess this entry is sorta/kinda moot.  However, these games are not available for the Pixi, and are more expensive ($6-10), so this post may still be of some use to you!

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