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Just the Facts: Palm’s Keynote at CES 2010

For those wanting to know the low-down on what Palm’s keynote speech was about, I highly recommend you mosey on over to precentral.net for all of the juicy details. Or… just watch the video posted above!  If you want “just the facts,” here’s the scoop:

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus are launching on Verizon January 25th.
     ….. For details on the Pre Plus, click here
     ….. For details on the Pixi Plus, click here
     ….. No word on when Sprint will get them (can’t imagine it’ll be later than summer 2010)

– Both phones get a 1.4 update in February, which will include:
     ….. Video recording! Includes editing and direct posting to Facebook and YouTube
     ….. Flash 10.1! “Flash” allows for richer browsing and watching embedded videos
     ….. Faster performance, better battery life

– Oh yeah, and the Palm Pre (not Pixi) has 3D gaming NOW! Get ’em while they’re hot!
     ….. Need for Speed Undercover
     ….. Asphalt 5
     ….. Sims3
     ….. Let’s Golf
     ….. Monopoly
     ….. Scrabble
     ….. Oregon Trail
     ….. Glyder 2
     ….. X-Plane

If you’re still aching for more info, you can check out the info that was teased out of Palm CEO Jon Rubinestein by tech journalist Kara Swisher (from AllThingsDigital)…  Among them?  He’s never used an iPhone… as in, ever! Video is posted below!

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