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TOTALLY PALMED: Mission Statement

There’s plenty of fantastic Palm-centric websites and blogs out there… I don’t plan to be a me-too site, nor do I wish to step on anyone’s toes…
After the break, you can read what I plan to accomplish with this blog…

– Resource for beginners and intermediate users. 
One of the surprising things I discovered in my Twitter experiences was that I really enjoyed helping others out with their webOS devices.  Why?  Put simply, I friggin love this phone. I believe in webOS. The more happy customers there are spreading the word about it, the more people will buy it.  The more people buy it, that means more apps, and more R&D dollars for Palm. … That’s my thinking, anyway.  So… walk-throughs, fixes, tips, tricks… you’ll see ’em all.  I’ll post videos and pictures as needed.
– My Palm Soapbox!  Editorial commentary and opinions…  
Sometimes things just need to be said. I feel Palm is often misrepresented in the media… sometimes stories come out that are taken way out of context or are just plain inaccurate.  I won’t pull any punches for anyone here, folks.  These punches will fly at anyone who deserves ’em, whether it’s directed at Palm, carriers, the general public, or morons posing as tech journalists……… you’ve all been warned.
– Spread the news about the awesomeness that is the webOS.
 Anyone who knows me from Twitter knows I’m passionate about trying to get the webOS into the collective consciousness of the public. Thanks to Palm’s lousy advertising at the hands of Modernista!’s intoxicated yahoos (I’m just gettin warmed up!), that’s not happened yet.

Provide the “little things” that bigger, professional blog sites don’t cover.
Everyday stories, app/accessory reviews, praises, complaints… I’ve been tweeting about them for a while, but since tweets disappear after seven days what good are they? This is a better staging area for that.
Okay enough jibber-jabber! Let’s get this ball rolling! Enjoy…

1) No, I don’t work for Palm. I don’t work for Sprint. I don’t own stock in either company.
2) In case it’s not entirely clear, I’m a huge Palm and webOS fan. You should know that up front.
3) I welcome feedback. I may or may not listen to you. I may or may not delete your comments.
4) I may let the occasional vulgarity fly. If you get offended easily, read someone else’s shit.

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